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An educator, architect, and computational designer, Arash Soleimani is an Associate Professor and Chair of Design Computation and Applied Computer Science—Media Arts at the Woodbury University School of Architecture.

Arash holds a multidisciplinary Ph.D. in Architectural Robotics and a certificate in Digital Ecologies from Clemson University’s School of Architecture in collaboration with the faculty and researchers in Electrical & Computing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Education, and Human Factors Psychology. Arash earned his M.Arch. degree from the University of Nottingham, UK. His graduate studies focused on "Responsive and Interactive Environments in Museums: managing responsiveness and interactivity within museums and exhibitions in a new fashion," where he published a book on the same subject matter. Arash also holds a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Isfahan University of Art, Iran.

Arash has been awarded for his projects and contributions in the field of Design Computation in multiple conferences, funded research grants, and community-based projects. Previously, Arash taught at Kennesaw State University, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and Clemson University.

The objective of his research is to focus on the design, prototyping, and evaluation of “Intelligent Design Systems” employing embedded computation within the context of the built and natural environments. His teaching efforts at KSU focus on the integration of environmental technologies and metric-based systems within design processes as well as advising thesis students. His architecture concentrates on intelligent forms while inventing new possibilities for content and everyday use; it is a concept of futurism through a persistent investigation of the symbiotic potentials in nature and technology. 

The Discipline of Intelligent Design Systems (IDS)
Arash has been teaching and researching in different architecture schools in the US, UK, and Iran since 2007. Arash is the founder of i-arch studio which explores and defines various ways in which designers may use computational thinking to nurture algorithmic processes, creative practices, and design outcomes. The intellectual framework develops and advances the discipline of Intelligent Design Systems (IDS), which concerns people, environments, rules, and things. IDS builds upon a variety of disciplines to inform one architecture that is invigorated through a focus on three themes:
1) Computational Thinking (CT); 2) Parametrics; and 3) Digital Fabrication.
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“i-arch studio explores and defines various ways in which designers may use computational thinking to nurture algorithmic processes, creative practices, and design outcomes.”

Figure 1. The discipline of Intelligent Design Systems (IDS) embedded in i-arch studio

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